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Taco Dales

Meme Life:

 Life is short and everything we’ve done has gotten us to this point. Todays Society can be a toxic culture, but a little humor goes a long way. They can’t laugh at you if you are laughing with them- Sometimes you gotta say Fuck it
– Put ego aside and embrace your decisions

This drop has expired
This drop has expired

    by FreshStash
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Pop_Culture 1o1

This drop presents our beloved (pop)culture, moments we all lived through together, which one way or another effected us all. The effect it had may differ but we all remember how it made us feel. We tend to think we are above this all, whether you are in the denial phase or not, just face the fact that this is who we are, and where we are all heading. Enjoy this fun, curved mirror we made for you or own your very own piece of it!

This drop has expired