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For influencers

Are you a social media influencer looking to make your way into the NFT world? FreshStash is your fast track into INTERNET 3.0!

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Raise Money for any causes

Raise Funds using NFTs! Capitalize on the future of the digital economy today. What can you raise money for? A good cause, a foundation or civil organisation, your company, music or your next documentary. It has always been individuals who have guided others into great ideas and big changes. We, at FreshStash, truly believe in the power of one. One person. One dream. One fundraiser. .

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Metaverse Builder

Digital land -and real estate development for any popular metaverse, WE TRANSFORM CLIENTS FROM INTERNET 2.0 to 3.0, BY moving physical content into virtual. Our team of experts facilitates METAVERSE integrations at any size from the planning phase to deployment.

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  • “We are extremely glad that we can be a part of a new and worldwide unique project along with FreshStash. This is a huge step for us in the digitalized world of fashion.”

    Zsofia Bata-Jakab,
    CEO of Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency
  • “We were seeking a strong strategic partnership with an NFT marketplace which is more than just an NFT marketplace. We have great ambitions in Web3 and by joining the community we are bringing our end to the table, which is Influencers and Creators. Our vision matched with FreshStash from day 1, we are happy to have such and amazing team backing our Web3 journey.”

    Gergo Csiszar,
    Founder & CEO of Post For Rent Group
  • “We found the best partner with FreshStash to move into the NFT and Metaverse world.”

    Pavan Bahl,
    Founder & CEO of Bellwether Culture

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